Monday, November 29, 2010

BOW #26: Slanted Diamonds

I have to confess that I have never made this block "for real," but I'm having fun playing with it virtually--and it means I'll probably have to make a quilt with it!   It's easy to make, using the ever popular HST (Half Square Triangle).

You'll need 3 HSTs each of 3 color combinations; for a 12" finished square you'll need:

(3) 4-1/2" HSTs, Color 1/Color 2 combination
(3) 4-1/2" HSTs, Color 2/Color 3 combination
(3) 4-1/2" HSTs, Color 1/Color 3 combination

Arrange them as shown:

Wasn't that easy?  You can make multiple blocks and put them together, without any turning of the blocks, and get a look something like lightning.  Might be an interesting border:

Or, you can keep turning 45 degrees and make a pinwheel out of 4 blocks:

And, you can keep putting those pinwheels together to make a very graphic design:

Yes, I just may have to make one of these.....maybe scrappy look; 3 colors but in scraps.  (That's a big surprise from me, eh?)


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