Friday, November 19, 2010

BOW #24 Bear's Paw #2

Wow.  Time really got away from me this week!  Sorry to be so late with this!    Let's revisit the Bear's Paw, with a little different arrangement.  This block will be a single paw, with a large Half Square Triangle as the "palm" of the paw.

What would we do without the Half Square Triangle (HST)??    (For instructions on HSTs, see BOW #1--Bear's Paw #1) For a 12" finished block you will need:

(1) 8-1/2" light/dark HST
(4) 4-1/2" light/dark HST
(1) 4-1/2" square

Arrange as shown:

This is somewhat close to a Maple Leaf block and would look good with scraps. (But then, what do I think DOESN"T look good in scraps?)  It would also be nice in a classic 2-color blue-and-white or red-and-white quilt.

And it seems like it could make a nice "guy" quilt if it were done in dark (navy blues and browns?) and light (beige/tan) plaids.   Hmm.  I do have all those plaids saved up in my stash....

Have fun!

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