Monday, September 27, 2010

BOW #17 Double Four Patch

The Double Four Patch is a natural sequel to last week's Four Patch--just use the single Four Patch in the place of the dark square of a larger Four Patch.  That gives you a Four Patch within a Four Patch, or a Double Four Patch.  (The same principle applies to other blocks, too; think about doubling up when we do the Nine Patch later.)

The block is as easy to make as the Four Patch; you're just making it twice.  For a 12" finished block you'll need:
(2) Four-patch units (light/dark) that will finish at 6" (You'll have used 3-1/2" squares to create them)
(2) light squares, 6-1/2"

Arrange as below:

The Double Four Patch is great to use as a chain block; if you alternate with other blocks and turn the Double Four Patches you can create a chain of the dark squares.  It can "make" a quilt that might otherwise be too simple.  Think about plain blocks of large floral prints, alternated with the Double Four Patch to create a path through a garden...

From Mary Kay: Here is an example of that chain look, alternating this week's Double Four Patch block with the Spool block. You may not recognize the BlockFab app framing this quilt: it's a sneak peek at the new iPad version, which I'm working on! Being a new environment, we're still working out the kinks, but it's progressing.

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