Monday, September 6, 2010

BOW #14 Birds in the Air

Birds in the Air uses two sizes of one of quilting's favorite shapes:  the triangle.  It is something of a double-half-square-triangle, or half square triangles within a half square triangle.

For a 12" block you will need:

(1) 12-7/8" dark square, cut in half once diagonally (you will need just one of the triangles)
(2) 4-7/8" dark squares, cut in half once diagonally (you will need 3 of the resulting 4 triangles)
(3) 4-7/8" light squares, cut in half once diagonally

Arrange the pieces as shown:

This is terrific as a two color quilt (blue-and-white, and red-and-white are two favorites with quilters), or as a scrap quilt.   We're heading into the season when birds are in the air, flying south; (here in Iowa we've already seen the geese on their way); it would be wonderful in autumn colors--give it a try in BlockFab with the autumn colorway.

Mary Kay says: following Karen's suggestion, I headed over to BlockFab and tried a couple Birds in the Air layouts in red and white. These two use the Straight Furrows and Streak of Lightening layouts.

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