Monday, August 30, 2010

BOW #13: Buckeye Beauty

Buckeye Beauty is another one of those simple blocs that can make different, wonderful patters, depending on how you turn the blocks.  It's a 4 patch, with 4-patches within that 4-patch.  The dark squares in the 4-patches make a chain when you start putting it with other Buckeye Beauty blocks.

 To make a 12" block you'll need:
(4) 3-1/2" light squares
(4) 3-1/2" dark squares
(2) 6-1/2" light/dark half square triangles

Use the squares to make two 4-patches, the arrange with the HSTs as shown below:

I think I remember that Mary Kay has a Buckeye Beauty quilt, and she'll share a photo with you.

This quilt, made in jewel-tone colors, flips the dark/light color locations of the half square triangles for a little different look. That's probably why this variation is sometimes called Anvil. Simple changes in blocks can make for interesting variations!

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