Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BOW #12 Anvil

Anvil is another block that uses lots of HST (Half Square Triangles).  It is most often done as a two-color block (one color for the anvil and another for the background) but it would be fun to do it as a scrap quilt with dark/medium and lights for the background.  Or you could do the center square as one color and the HSTs as another.

For a 12" block you will need:
(1) 6-1/2" square dark
(8) HSTs, dark and light, 3-1/2"  (See BOW#1 for instructions for making Half Square Triangle Units; you will start with 3-7/8" squares, 4 dark and 4 light)
(2) 3-1/2" light squares

Arrange the pieces as shown:
Mary Kay has a beautiful Anvil quilt; I think I can persuade her to post a photo of it...

When you arrange multiple blocks for a quilt, try rotating the blocks to create different patterns--diagonal stripes, or a concentric square/rectangle pattern.

MK says: Ooops! Sorry, Karen, I was wrong: that wasn't an Anvil quilt but one of those blocks that goes by various names. The article I referenced to make the quilt called it Anvil, but it's not this block. So instead, I'll post this snapshot from BlockFab, showing the Anvil pattern with blocks rotated using Sunshine and Shadow symmetry.

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