Monday, July 26, 2010

BOW #8: Friendship Star

Friendship Star is one of my favorite blocks.  (I seem to have a lot of favorites, don't I?)  In the Icon Quilt the star is one of the combination blocks, inside a Variable Star.

The block is simple and it's somehow .... a happy block.   All you need are squares and those ubiquitous Half Square Triangles.    For a 9" block, for example, you'll need:

4 light squares, 3-1/2"
1 dark square, 3-1/2"
4 Half Square Triangle Units (half light and half dark), 3-1/2"
   (So, to make those HSTs you will cut 3-7/8" squares, cut in half diagonally)
Because I am such a fan of the Friendship Star I have made several quilts; here are a few of them.  (I have given most of them away, and don't have photos of all of them.  That's not good.  I must do better about taking photos and documenting.  Note to self...)

One of my designs from Cabin Star Designs days:
This is a raffle quilt, in progress.  There are three different sizes of Friendship Star in this one.

And this one was hanging on the wall where I do longarm quilting; it's a bit of a variation:

Have fun with the Friendship Star--and send us your photos for our gallery!

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  1. I'd like to see that raffle quilt when it's finished -- I love combinations of sizes like this!