Monday, April 4, 2011

BOW #42 Ohio Star

Second of two blocks this week, since apparently I didn't publish Puss in the Corner last week!  (It was ready, and I could swear that I hit the publish button but, well, there you have it.)

This week's block is old, and often seen in quilts, the Ohio Star.  It makes use of the QST (Quarter Square Triangle) and squares, so we're visiting familiar shapes again.

If you want to review how to make Quarter Square Triangles (QSTs), visit BOW# 28 
 (You will start out with 5-1/2" squares, 2 reds and one each of blue and white. Square finished units up to 4-1/2")

You will need the following to make a 12" finished Ohio Start:
(1) 4-1/2" square red
(4) 4-1/2" squares white

(4) QST units that are half red/blue and half red/white:

Arrange units to form the block:

A quilt made of all Ohio Stars:

And one that alternates with plain blocks--which makes the star blocks more distinct:

And a few quilts that alternate with other blocks on a nine-patch grid:

This one almost has a curved look to it, doesn't it?

Do you recognize those alternate blocks, from earlier BOWs?  Which setting to you like best?  What other blocks might you pair with the Ohio Star?

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