Monday, February 14, 2011

BOW #35: Card Trick

Card Trick is one of the first blocks I made but, as I recall (this was more than 30 years ago...) I did it the hard way, with some inset seams.  Let's not do that.   :-)   This is a fun block, in either the 2 colors you see in the sample, or in 4 colors, if you feel adventurous!

It makes use of two types of blocks or segments that we have visited before:  the ubiquitous HST (Half Square Triangle) and the QST (Quarter Square Triangle. )  If you want to review the instructions for making either:   HST    QST

For each 12" finished block (with 2 colors of cards) you will need the following (each unit should be 4-1/2"):

Make 2 of each:

Make 3 of each:

And then arrange them as here;  be careful; it's "tricky;" you have to be certain you have those QSTs placed and oriented correctly!

I have no idea where that old Card Trick block is, but I think Mary Kay may have one??

MK: Card Trick is one of my all-time favorite blocks, so you'd think I'd have a quilt using it! But I guess I'm still at the dreaming phase, like this one paired with the 7-Grid Chain block.

Perhaps one of you can help us out by posting one of your quilts!

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